Meet Rita, Chagrin Falls, OH Photographer

Born and raised in Mexico City...

It has always been my passion to take photos of special moments. I am shy and observant, I look at moments and take snapshots in my mind, so I can remember them forever. This is why photography is so special to me.

I am visual and creative. I love reading a good book. I love music and dancing. I love traveling. My journey has taken me to live in many different countries and meet amazing people from around the world. I love new places and cultures. This has made me a very resilient person, I adapt and move forward. All these experiences have shaped my mind and expanded my creativity.

My family is everything to me. I like to think my three boys are children of the world, having had the amazing experience of traveling and seeing different cultures. I love spending time with them, my husband, and our dog. Watching movies and eating popcorn, listening to music, dancing in the kitchen, or just reading in silence. I love photographing my boys, their tiny hands, their toothless faces, their crying eyes, and their happy smiles. Every detail in this chapter in their lives. They grow so fast and I know these moments will never come back.

But I am not only a mother and wife, as much as I love that part of myself. I am also, an artist and a dreamer. A photographer wanting to create and expand. Someone craving to connect, meet and create these unique moments for others. Perfect posed photos are not important to me, I am in search of real and raw moments, to create timeless images that show life and have soul.

Photography moves me, it is art. It is a story frozen in time forever. It is a story always worth remembering...

...I want to be the photographer to help you tell yours.

“Rita was so lovely to work with. I love that she not only wanted to photograph us, but also get to know our family so that she could really capture this season of our lives, our interactions and connections.”

Family sitting in their dining room and playing with each other