Born and raised in Mexico...

I have been holding a camera in my hands since I can remember. It has always been my passion to take photos of special moments. I am shy and observant, I look at moments and take snapshots in my mind, so I can remember them forever. This is why photography is so special to me.

I am visual and creative. I love reading a good book. I love music and dancing. I love travelling. My journey has taken me to live in different countries and meet people from around the world. I love new places and cultures.

My family is everything to me, spending time with my kids, my husband and our dog. Watching movies and eating popcorn, listening to music, dancing in the kitchen or just reading in silence. I love photographing my boys, their tiny hands, their toothless faces, their crying eyes, the happy smiles. Every detail in this chapter in their lives. They grow so fast and I know these moments will never come back.

Photography moves me, it is art.

It is a story frozen in time forever.

It is a story always worth remembering...

Rita Ambrosi Headshot

...I would love to tell yours.

“At the time we decided to take family photos we found Rita, she helped us feel very comfortable with all the experience. She captured very natural and unique moments of our family and of our kids. My kids loved and enjoy the sessions so much. We miss our sessions with Rita!”