Born and raised in Mexico City,

living in Washington dc...

I love observing and learning everything about the world around me, wanting to remember the true special moments of life forever. I am lucky to be surrounded by boys. My husband, three energetic boys and our lazy dog.

Our journey has taken us to live in four different countries and meet amazing people, who we are lucky to call friends. Adventure is part of our lives and we have learned how special it is to have the opportunity to have these enriching experiences.

I love travelling and learning about new places and cultures. All these experiences have given me an amazing way to see and capture the world around me in a more unique and creative way.

i value seeing the world...

Through all my moves, I have come to learn that life goes by faster than we think, and I understand how tough it can be to raise a family away from home. But also how beautiful it is to know that my kids will understand and see the world around them in different and amazing way.

This is what I want them to remember forever, to value having the opportunity to travel, see other cultures, eat differents foods, understand other ways of thinking and expressing themselves.

Experiencing the world around us has given me the chance to understand family values in a unique way, a more honest one. Where everyday routines and traditions might differ from everyones else´s but are still worth remembering in the most beautiful artistic way.

This is what I want to offer you through my work.

“Rita was so lovely to work with. I love that she not only wanted to photograph us, but also get to know our family so that she could really capture this season of our lives, our interactions and connections.”