Your Questions Answered.

Dive into the World of Rita Ambrosi's Heartfelt Family and Newborn Photography in Northeast Ohio

Cleveland Ohio Photographer FAQs for Families

am i the right photographer for you?

Do you feel a connection with my work and want to create something similar together? If so, let's do it! If you want a picture that captures your family's genuine connection and joy in a documentary style, with your unique personalities shining through, that's exactly what I specialize in! If you're seeking a formally posed portrait of your family, there are amazing photographers out there who can create this for you even better than I can.

Photography requires a significant commitment and investment, and the most important aspect is that you genuinely adore what you invest in. I encourage you to explore my Instagram and website to learn about my unique style and personality.

what does the creative fee include?

This fee includes my creative time and skill during our session together. It does not include any digital or print products.

Where are you based and do you travel?

I am currently based in Chagrin Falls OH, and currently serving only the Cleveland area.

When will we get our photos?

Your will receive an online gallery link with all your photos around 2 weeks after your session (sometimes less depending on the season I photograph your story).

How many pictures will we receive?

These depends on the collection you choose after you see your final images.

How Long do I have have to make my photography selection?

Once you receive your images I ask you to select your collection within a week. After that you can expect to receive your final collection a week later.

How long are the sessions?

These depends on the type of session. I don't set a time because I like going with the flow and connect with you and your family in order to create beautiful images. I don't want you to worry about time just enjoy and let me capture beautiful moments you will forever love. I can say sessions go from around 45 to 90 min.


In my work I want to show the real you. I don't curate or use any kind of wardrobe because I want you and your family to feel comfortable just the way you are. I do understand though how overwhelming it can be to decide on what to wear to such and important day so believe me I am here to help you. You can take a look at my style guide on my Blog, where I give you some ideas on basics that photograph best. We can also talk about this in our call and you can even send me photos about your options. Remember the point of this session is to relax and enjoy all the process and the experience and I am here for you!

We only have certain budget can we do a shorter session?

Like most jobs in any other industry, my prices are non negotiable, they are skill and demand based. I want you to think at this as an investment in beautiful artistic reflections of your family.

Can grandparents and uncles come to the session?

Although I love extended family sessions, they have a different dynamic and time frame. My session fees include only immediate family. Please inquire for groups larger than five people.

Do you offer mini sessions?

I don't offer any kind of short or mini sessions, part of my job is connecting with you and your family in order to create something unique. That is why I dedicate my sessions to only one family to create a more personalized experience.

Where will our session be held?

This depends on the session we are doing. If it’s a newborn session, it will be in the comfort of your own home. Family sessions can be done at home or outdoors. I like photos at home because they are part of your story and you can be comfortable in your own space, don't worry about it being perfect, I want to capture real moments. I also love exploring the outdoors, that special street that has a special meaning for you, a farm, ranch, flower field anywhere that is meaningful to you and where you can feel comfortable.

do you work on the weekends?

As I know it is for you, my family is my priority. I have three young busy boys and a busy husband and weekends are our exclusive family time. I really appreciate you for honoring that. Most sessions though can be done on weekdays early even at sunrise. Photography at home around 9:30 am is when we have the best light. Consider this as a moment to take time off as you would for other important appointments.

Can I share my photos on social media?

Of course! I would love you to share whatever photos you want from our session together. I only ask that any images shared give photographer credit by tagging my Instagram account (@ritaambrosiphoto)